Ksenia Gnedeva named Broad Fellow

From left, Ksenia Gnedeva and Michaela Patterson (Photos by Cristy Lytal)
When it came time to select this year’s Broad Fellow, the award committee couldn’t pick just one. Instead, they bestowed the honor on two talented postdoctoral researchers in USC Stem Cell laboratories: heart researcher Michaela Patterson and hearing researcher Ksenia Gnedeva.

“The Broad Foundation’s support is wisely invested in Drs. Patterson and Gnedeva,” said Andy McMahon, director of the Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Research at USC. “These two young scientists exemplify the best and brightest of the next generation of stem cell researchers.”

To read more, visit stemcell.keck.usc.edu/broad-fellows-look-to-stem-cells-to-treat-heart-disease-and-hearing-loss.